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INTER ACCOUNT Financial Services –

INTER ACCOUNT Financial Services is a company which provides financial advisory services.

The mission of INTER ACCOUNT is to help its clients for achieving better financial results, through implementation of effective financial management systems, financial consulting and financial education.

Expert Events
Expert Evens


EXPERT EVENTS is an organizer of seminars in the fields of Law, Management and Corporate finance. The company focuses on creating practical educational courses which add real value to its customers.

EXPERT EVENTS offers both in person and online courses.

Lega consulting
Lega consulting


LEGA CONSULTING is a Business Law Firm concentrated on providing legal consulting services for corporate clients operating in diverse economic sectors.

The legal services that we offer are aimed towards providing thorough assistance for the commercial activity of our clients. We strive to combine the efforts to comfort the business of our clients with the complex statutory regulations with pragmatic and focused on results, business approach.

At LEGA CONSULTING, we understand that the business of our clients exists for creating economic value for a specific market and we are familiar with the market environment in which the business of our clients operate.